Hydrocal On-Line Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Transformer Monitor

The Hydrocal range of DGA systems is produced by MTE of Germany.  ZTZ is the exclusive distributor of Hydrocal in North America.  ZTZ supports, repairs, and provides training on Hydrocal systems from headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Hydrocal DGA systems are available in seven models depending on the features and the number of gasses that are detected individually.  There is also a comprehensive portable Hydrocal for field use.

All Hydrocal DGA systems share these excellent features:

  • Very low maintenance and small size
  • No use of carrier gases- no replacement costs or additional safety concerns
  • Easy and fast single valve connection without interruption to the operation of the transformer
  • Full technical support, service, and turnkey installation services headquartered in Miami, Florida.
  • Modular system approach with optional extension packages for customer specific requirements
  • Comprehensive product range- from basic composite analysis (TDCG) devices up to multi-gas-in-oil analysis
  • Support of all popular communication protocols

This convenient chart outlines the Hydrocal range of on-line DGA systems:

The Transformer Monitoring row of this chart refers to it’s ability to directly communicate with the ZTZ bushing monitor and that the bushing monitor software also gives visibility to the DGA results and data trending.

The Hydrocal 1011 portable DGA is an oil laboratory in a suitcase.

  • Hydrogen   H2          
  • Carbon Monoxide   CO
  • Acetylene   C2H2    
  • Ethylene   C2H4
  • Methane   CH4      
  • Ethane   C2H6
  • Propane   C3H8    
  • Carbon Dioxide   CO2
  • Oxygen   O2
  • Oil moisture analysis
  • 7″ TFT Touchscreen

Online monitoring alerts users of potential safety issues when certain gases are present

Reputation for quality and durability without requiring periodic maintenance

ZTZ hydrocal transformer on equipment

No carrier gasses are required for calibration or operation

Simple installation that does not require significant transformer alterations for use

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrocal can provide early detection with a cost-effective model that provides a composite image of the transformer gases using well-established membrane technology. Hydrocal can also provide very sophisticated and specialized “intensive care” products that are placed on transformers  identified as critical application or high risk.

The Hydrocal product can detect up to 9 gases depending on the model selected.

ZTZ is proud to offer field diagnosis and to be the US product repair and technical expert for all MTE Hydrocal products. We have a specialized team dedicated to expert service and repair of the Hydrocal product line. We can often send a replacement unit to a client overnight to minimize down time in the unlikely event of a service need.

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