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ZTZ engineers have been at the forefront of substation transformer bushing monitoring since 1972. ZTZ’s principal
founders developed the fundamental science and instrumentation which detects insipient problems in high-voltage
bushings used on large power transformers. ZTZ is the center of competency in this niche. Recently, ZTZ has added
partial discharge detection and analysis, high-voltage underground cable monitoring above 345kV, pothead monitoring
above 345kV, and a specialty fault gas monitoring system for underground network transformers.

ZTZ maintains an expert field service group for commissioning and service of all ZTZ bushing monitoring systems,
bushing monitor systems with PD detection, on-line continuous dissolved gas analysis systems (DGAs), and monitors for
underground networks transformers.

ZTZ holds an annual users group meeting in February on Miami Beach. During this two-day event, users and other
experts present reports of the numerous transformer “saves” and avoided failures through the use of ZTZ systems. Everybody gains further knowledge and experience on these topics while enjoying the beach and excellent weather.

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Since 1997, hundreds of failing bushings have been identified with ZTZ monitoring systems.  The operating companies have saved millions of dollars by averting failure and improved targeting of maintenance.

If you already are a user of transformer bushing monitoring, then you are aware of the benefits.

Of course, the monitoring system is only as good as the support from the supplier.  With ZTZ, you will have a team of experienced transformer diagnosticians available to help you review data to support your decision-making process.

ZTZ would like to work with you.  If you have a transformer in-mind where you would like to try a monitoring system, please contact us below.  A knowledgeable transformer expert will be happy field your questions.

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