Health Monitoring System for CCVTs

Introducing the CCVT Max

CCVT Max is a proven health monitoring system for CCVTs

With CCVT Max, the symptoms of many problems can be detected

  • Loose Connections
  • Failure of Ferro-Resonance Circuit
  • Failure of The Intermediate Voltage Transformer
  • Failure of Capacitor Elements in Upper and Lower Stacks

CCVT Max offers many benefits

  • Actionable Warning Before Costly Relay Trip Errors
  • Avoidance of Violent CCVT Failure, Damage, Injury
  • Decrease the Risk of Bus Faults That Cause System Instability and Loss of Power to All Customers on the Bus
  • Identify CCVT Famly Problems, Thought to be Random
  • Gives Targeted Granular Diagnostic Information

goes far beyond typical voltage monitoring. Simple voltage monitoring cannot preserve system security while coping with normal system voltage swings and imbalance, and other outside influences on voltage that can be mistaken for CCVT problems.

Using refined analysis techniques, CCVT Max audits the phasor voltage outputs of the CCVTs.

Up to four three-phase CCVT sets may be monitored by one system.

CCVT Max analyzes the phasor relationships, then reacts to minute changes in the health of both the upper and lower capacitor stack, ferro-resonance circuitry, and the wound transformer section.

CCVT Max is easily rack-mounted, near the CCVT and system protection terminals inside the control building.

CCVT Max is the ideal retrofit monitor to use for your life extension strategy, ensuring crew safety in energized substations where CCVTs are installed.

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