CDI - 1000

ZTZ Services’ Cable Defect Indicator (CDI-1000) is a compact and portable test device to ensure operational quality and safety of insulated cable. The CDI helps identify potential faults in underground distribution and shield power cables typically installed in vaults or substation applications. This product has been designed especially for utilities’ MV and HV cable installations. CDI-1000 is a great additional layer to safety and inspection practices without special device training or calibration. Simply turning on the device and moving it across the cable or joint will immediately provide clear readings of abnormal conditions with a diagram of the transversal cable section. The CDI -1000 identifies heat dissipation levels or hot spots on the conductor.

The CDI is leading edge technology that uses 5 sensors simultaneously to indicate a variety of cable defects.

One Button ON/ OFF operation with NO calibration

CDI -1000 ZTZ Services Product image

Bluetooth interface and is hot stick mountable for hard to reach areas

Identifies PD on the shield jacket and inside the conductor using multiple sensors

Frequently Asked Questions

The CDI clearly indicates operation using visual and audible feedback.

The CDI greatly increases safety for substation workers by allowing them an additional layer of protection while clearing a site for work. It is also excellent for crews working in close proximity to live cables.

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