ZVCM Bushing Monitor

This patented product monitors bushings for transformers and has a lifetime warranty. It predicts the degradation of a bushing’s insulation to prevent catastrophic failure. The ZVCM Busing Monitor uses a connector that screws into the capacitance test tap of a bushing for constant online monitoring.

Our technology has confirmed proof of protection through bushings “saves” found each year

ZTZ’s patented Algorithms and GIC Technology ensure the highest accuracy and adaptability

Easy to install and optional GIC (geomagnetic induced current) monitor can be simply added

The ZVCM Bushing Monitor has a lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ZVCM hardware reports bushing and its own operational condition. The ZVCM proprietary software is also designed to detect abnormal operation and alert users remotely.

The ZTZ bushing monitoring products have an over 95% detection rate. 

Product Specs

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