ZTZ Sentinal TransMAX 1000

The ZTZ Services Sentinel TransMAX 1000 is an advanced monitor designed to protect transformers by monitoring multiple potential failure points. It is the result of decades of experience and work with bushing power factors and adding the feature partial discharge (PD) monitoring. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Pairs the best PD technology available with our time-tested bushing monitor.

Ability to monitor three load currents​.

ZTZ TransMax

Ability to monitor three temperature sensors​

Ability to monitor ambient temperature and humidity​

Frequently Asked Questions

ZTZ Services’ Sentinel TransMAX can analyze  transformer data points in a highly accurate way without needing overly complex and hard to maintain devices that required care and periodic service. The TransMAX 1000 is designed and built for the lifetime of the transformer.

ZTZ Services’ philosophy is to provide online monitoring equipment that can be deployed on a utilities’ full fleet of transformers. As such we provide robust, easy to use and maintenance-free equipment using state of the art products sold at a competitive price.

Yes, users of ZTZ equipment and all OEM transformer suppliers can install and commission products easily and quickly.

Product Specs

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