NTM-1000 Distribution Network Transformer Monitor

The NTM 1000 discovers transformer problems by detecting combustible gasses in the headspace.  The NTM 1000 simply plumbs into a threaded opening at the top of the transformer.  No contact is made to the transformer oil, making installation very simple.

The added features of being submersible to 25 feet and low power requirements make it ideally suited for underground (vault) network distribution transformers.

The following data provided by device:

Hydrogen 500-100,000 ppm

Sum of Hydrocarbons 500-50,000 ppm

Humidity 0-200 ppm

Pressure 0-30 psi

Headspace Temperature

Measured quantities are represented by analog voltage outputs, serial communication, and dry-contact alarm outputs for parameters measured above the alarm setting.  The NTM-1000 is powered by the control voltage present in the network control cubicle.

Product Specs

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